3 Part Plan for Humanity

An elegant path forward for the species.

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A mission statement for achieving a phenomenal future. They’re meant to be completed in order. If you mistake them for utopian sci-fi pipedreams, you may say I’m a dreamer (but I’m not the only one).

Satisfy the basic needs of all humans. Technically, this could be done now if we changed the way we do business. This challenge will increase as our population grows toward ten billion in parallel with looming climate disaster.

  • No human will starve.
  • Global coalitions take on a unified goal.
  • Further economic equality.
  • Mass migrations avoided.

Once accomplished use money from the Nobel Peace Prize to begin a campaign to turn the global coalition’s eye toward the next goal.

This is the big one. The fact that global governments cooperated to eradicate hunger will empower them to be more at ease about working together.

  • Global coalitions take on a new goal of world peace.
  • Promote a symbiotic relationship among all people and the planet itself.
  • Form a truly cooperative global government
  • Transition standing armies into a workforce to battle climate change and enhance global infrastructure.

Enjoy further Noble Peace Prizes, prestige, and the betterment of all humans.

Having no further need for massive military budgets, trillions of dollars can be spent on education, scientific discovery, and a new age of unprecedented advancement in technology.

  • College level and greater education for all.
  • Hyperloops connecting every city and across the oceans.
  • A fully sustainable planet.
  • Build better spaceships.
  • Build a space elevator.
  • Establish a moon base.
  • Go to Mars and Venus.
  • Become a multiplanet species (mandatory for long term survival, remember what happened to the dinosaurs).
  • Become a type one civilization and dream about becoming a type two!

Dear Reader,

Thank you for taking the time to plant these seeds in your brain. If it seems impossible, try watching some super motivating Kurzgesagt videos for inspiration.

Feed Everyone, End War, and Build Spaceships!

For self-centered capitalists and conservatives everywhere.
Why spend so much tax money on it?
We could do this now!
The purpose of an intelligent species?

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Sci-fi short stories to inspire your inner rocket building, planet-hopping, astrophysicist space pirate. 🚀

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